mission statement

At Faith Baptist, our objectives are those of the early church, as revealed in the New Testament--birth and growth.  Because of God's love, we want to win people to Christ who do not know Him personally.  This is birth.  We also want to build Christ-like character in every believer and equip each to have a personal ministry in his or her own world of influence.  This is growth.
We believe that we will best accomplish these goals by following the pattern revealed in Acts 2:42.  By continually devoting ourselves to Biblical teaching, worship of our great God, fellowship with one another, and earnest prayer, we are committed to being part of God's building program as He continues to build His church.
We invite people from all walks of life to consider the claims of Christ, to take Him as their own Savior, and to consider uniting with us at Faith Baptist Church as we seek to make a difference for Him