Who We Are:
We are common people who, because of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, believe that we can live uncommon lives.  We have been drawn together because of our love for Christ and for each other.
Where We Are:

Faith Baptist Church is located at 5750 North Highway 101 in Lincoln City, Oregon.  You can find us at the corner of East Devil's Lake Road and Highway 101, just north of the city limits.

What We're About:

Please see the "our mission" link at left for a description of why Faith Baptist Church exists.

What We Do
Please see the "ministries" link above for a description of the ongoing ministries and activities at Faith.
 What's a Conservative Baptist?

Faith Baptist Church belongs to CB Northwest, an association of churches with similar doctrinal beliefs and practices.  For more information, visit www.cbnw.org



Phone: (541) 994-9106